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Every Rider's Nightmare... Error Codes

by WANGHUIZHONG on Jul 15, 2022

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Circooter has a stelar reputation in the industry for build quality, design, and performance, but even have their hiccups. In this article we'll be taking a look at the various error codes you can encounter and how to troubleshoot them. 

ERROR CODE 4: Short-circuit fault

Troubleshooting Step: Check if there is a wrong wire connection or if there is a short circuit in the installation, remove the short circuit or replace the controller

ERROR CODE 9: Secondary motor communication has failed

Troubleshooting Step: Check whether the connection line between the secondary controller and the main controller is well connected.

ERROR CODE 10: Dashboard communication has failed

Troubleshooting Steps: Check whether the instrument panel and controller assembly cables are normal, turn off, remove the assembly line interface, check the plug-in for slanting and loosening, and insert again after processing. Power on, replace instrument or controller.

ERROR CODE 11: Motor current sensor is abnormal

Troubleshooting Steps: Check the motor and the phase line portion of the controller

ERROR CODE 14 Accelerator Hall exception

Additional troubleshooting Step: Check the motor and the phase line portion of the controller Check whether the accelerator is completely reset,check whether the accelerator and connection line are normal, can disconnect the acceleration connection line, and restart to exclude exceptions

ERROR CODE 15: The brakes put Hall abnormal

Troubleshooting Steps: Check whether the brake handle is completely reset, can pull out the electronic brake cable, restart, troubleshoot

ERROR CODE 16: Motor Hall exception

Troubleshooting Steps: Start up fault, check whether the motor Hall wiring is normal, shut off, pull out the assembly line interface and check whether the plug-in is crooked, or bad contact, correct, restart and troubleshoot

ERROR CODE 19: Secondary motor Hall exception

Troubleshooting Steps: Check the secondary motor Hall wiring for normal, and check the replacement motor or controller to eliminate problems

ERROR CODE 50: Bus line high voltage

Troubleshooting Steps: The voltage of the main line is too high, and the fault is turned on. You should check whether the battery voltage is normal or faulty during cycling.

Resolution: You should replace the battery or controller to eliminate the problem

ERROR CODE 53: System overload

Resolution: Beyond the system load, restart, start-up failure, the controller should be replaced to eliminate the problem

ERROR CODE 55: Controller high-temperature alarm

If the controller temperature is too high, let the car cool and then restart. If the startup fails, replace the controller to eliminate the problem.


So there you have it, a completely list of the common error codes you'll encounter while riding your Circooter scooter.  Knowing what these codes mean and how to quickly diagnose the issue will make fixing them and getting back on the road that much easier. In a perfect world riders would never get an error code, but after reading this, hopefully getting one will be a little less worrisome. 

Happy Riding!

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