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Circooter 800W Off-Road Escooter Review: Smooth Riding Adult Off-Road Scooter

by WANGHUIZHONG on Nov 09, 2022

Circooter 800W Off-Road Escooter Review: Smooth Riding Adult Off-Road Scooter

The Circooter 800W Off-Road Escooter embraces its strengths to provide stellar off-road performance without sacrificing a smooth ride. Comfort, safety, customization, and reliability highlight the Raptor’s appealing build. From the sporty design of the ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy frame to the power of the 800W motor, this all-terrain electric scooter delivers chill and thrill in equal measures. The best part is, it grants top-of-class user control, allowing riders to create a customized performance profile that feels tailor-made for any rider in any situation.


Circooter Specs


  • Motor: 800 W brushless hub motor
  • Battery:  48V 15Ah
  • Peak Range: 21-25 miles  (34-40 km)
  • Weight: 52 lbs (26 kg)
  • Peak Load Capacity: 440 lbs (200 kg)
  • Brakes: Dual mechanical disc brakes with an electronic braking system (EBS)
  • Tires: 10-inchoff-road tubeless tires
  • Suspension: Dual shock suspension
  • Charge Time: 3-4 hours
  • Extras: 3 ride modes, Bluetooth connectivity, Circooter Smart App, intuitive LCD dashboard display, ultra-fast dual charging, flat-resistant tires, IPX4 waterproof resistance, 8-inch clearance; and a 360-degree lighting system that includes dual headlights, double side moonlights, front and rear turn signals, and brake lights.



All-Terrain Comfort and Performance


Equipped with flat-resistant and rugged 10-inch off-road tires, 8-inch clearance, and high water resistance out of the box, this scooter can crash through puddles or climb over obstacles with the best of them. The dual shock suspension system bears loads up to 440 lbs — nearly twice the capacity of the comparably-priced Splach Twin. The sleek and durable frame dazzles while still holding up to the rigors of off-road riding. On top of that, it weighs in at a manageable 52 lbs, making it one of the more wieldy models in its class.


Unbeatable Customization


The true functionality of this scooter reveals itself when paired with the Circooter Smart App. Intuitive and user-friendly, this free app connects to the scooter via Bluetooth to put the control in the user’s hands. Manage functions like locks, lights, gears, and start mode with the swipe of a finger. Run diagnostics and testing, and track performance. Customize the performance profile to tailor-fit any riding style or terrain with ease and simplicity.


Long Range, High Performance


The Raptor’s 800W hub motor provides dynamic acceleration and packs enough power to crawl a 30% grade with ease — all without sacrificing range. It doesn’t top the off-road electric scooter charts with its max speed, but it has all the necessary get-up-and-go to make road cruises a blast while still returning a handsome 25-mile peak range on a single charge.


Circooter offers up three distinct and functional ride modes to afford peak performance in a multitude of riding conditions. Drive mode provides smooth cruising around town, giving riders the best of both worlds — power and range. ECO mode parses back performance to increase range, an ideal option for those times you just don’t want your ride to end. And, if you’re looking for thrills on hills, sport mode ramps up the power so you can hit the trail with confidence.


Quick Charge


Perhaps the feature that sets the Circooter’s Off-Road Scooter apart more than any, this scooter boasts a unique and useful dual charging capability. While other scooters make a nine-to-five job out of charging, the Raptor removes the hassle of waiting to ride by utilizing two charger ports to cut charge time down to a brisk three to four hours.


Superior Safety


As much as the Raptor’s design delivers performance, it still makes no bones about keeping riders safe. The 360-degree lighting system provides necessary visibility for riders and bystanders alike regardless of condition. Dual disc brakes with an electronic braking system give the scooter peak stopping power and improved handling. The Circooter Smart App allows users to set a max drive speed to ensure the good time doesn’t go too far. And the remote diagnostic testing feature ensures that riders always know their Raptor is in working order before hitting the road or trail.


Hit the Trail With Comfort and Confidence


The Circooter Raptor Off-Road Scooter takes all the safety, reliability, and customization scooter aficionados expect from a passenger scooter and delivers it in a built-to-last package that can tackle the most daunting terrain imaginable for an electric scooter, all while remaining versatile enough to give you a smooth cruise around town. At an affordable price, the Raptor is the choice for riders who long for the open trail but don’t want to sacrifice a smooth ride — or stop to charge — on the way.


Take it on the road in sport mode and watch as the rpm leap up like frogs in a dynamite pond. Or put it in ECO mode to see just how far this scooter can take you on one charge. With this scooter, the choice is yours and you can’t go wrong with whatever decision you make.