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Shipping & Payment

Who pays for shipping?

We will pay for shipping on anything.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal and Credit Card right now

How long does it take to receive the order?

In general, orders typically process within 1-3 business day and transit time is typically 2-4 days. More details, please read our Shipping Policy.

My Order

What happens if my scooter does not work properly?

If your scooter is dead on arrival (as can happen with electric vehicles in rare cases independent of battery quality), you can exchange your scooter free of charge and we pay for all shipping. In case of any other technical issues, please trust that we will provide a solution.

Please refer to our warranty and service page.

Can I return my electric scooter?

Yes, within 30 days from purchase you can return your scooter no questions asked. The scooter must be unused in its original packaging. Customer will be responsible for return shipping.

Please see our detailed returns & refunds page.

What is your warranty policy?

At Circooter we are focused on providing an excellent experience for our customers. Not only do we warrant our products to be free from manufacturing defects for 12 months following delivery, you will also become part of our Lifetime Service Program.

I am not the original owner as I purchased my Circooter secondhand. Is my frame covered by warranty?

Sorry for that, the warranty coverage only extends to the original buyer.

I crashed and damaged my escooter. Is warranty coverage available to me?

Sorry, crashes or accidents are not covered by the warranty policy. The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing, not damage from crashes.


What is the minimum age that you recommend for riding?

Although Circooter scooter is designed to be easy and intuitive for most riders, our current models can reach faster top speeds and should not be used by children. There are three different speed modes to assist with speed control but we strongly suggest having adult supervision for riders under the age of 18.

Do I need a license to ride a Circooter?

Please review your towns local rules and laws as each city, state, and country has its own requirements. We also strongly encourage the use of helmets and safety equipment/gear when riding.

Can I ride in cold/hot weather?

Yes, although riding in extremely cold/hot temperatures may reduce the battery range.

Does anyone make a scooter with a max load of 300 lbs?

Our Circooter electric scooter can support up to 440 lbs. The scooter can support a person weights over 300 lbs, however, it may affect the speed and range.

Is there a cruise control feature?

All of our models have a cruise control option. After turning the option for cruise control on, use the acceleration right thumb for 5 seconds at a constant speed and the cruise control will be enabled.

How do I change the units from metric/kilometres (km) to imperial/miles?

Turn the scooter on, then press the M button once to change units