Circooter Off Road Electric Scooter(1600W)

1 Year Warranty

Your purchase of this scooter includes a 12 month warranty against original defects in material and workmanship from the date you physically receive the scooter. 6 months warranty for battery

30-Day Return

Returns are accepted within the first 30 days from the date of delivery. If you are within your first 30 days, please reach out to our Customer Support Team via email at


Currently, we only provide FREE shipping to the lower 56 states in the US. And we DO NOT ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

We strive to deliver your order within 2-5 business days in the United States.

Long Range – Circooter electric scooters’ battery systems were built to explore the world, delivering 28-31 MILES of range depending on your selection of the 48V 20 Ah battery pack and Dual 800W brushless hub motors. The powerful motor and off-road tires combination are the efficient for achieving the longest range.

High-Performance Exploration - Rock crawl at a 25%-30% grade. Traverse just about all terrain with 8 inches of ground clearance. Max load of 440 LBS. This off-road electric adult scooter provides rapid acceleration to quickly go from stopped to a max speed of 28MPH.

Circooter Smart APP - Control your adult electric scooter from anywhere with the Circooter APP, or manage the functions (such as Lock/unlock, Light on/off, Gears, Start mode (Zero Start or Non-zero Start) and customize it to suit your needs (set max speed, cruise control, etc.) directly from the intuitive LCD dashboard. You can also get a comprehensive understanding of your Circooter via full escooter diagnostic and testing, as well as records of your tracked ride functions.

Enhanced Safety - Made from ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy and quadruple absorbent systems, Circooter electric scooters are designed for enhanced safety. EBS enhances vehicle safety and improves the dual braking performance to give it a “passenger scooter” braking feel, providing riders with better overall handling.

Explore Road - Circooter scooters contain 2 charging ports and reduce charging time to 3-4h with 2 chargers. The scooter for adults is equipped with a 360-degree lighting system that includes dual headlights, dual side moonlights, front and rear turn signals, and a brake light, ensuring that you can always see and be seen at night for all-around safety.
Content Raptor Pro
Unfolded Dimensions 51*26*47 IN / 129*67*118 CM
Folded Dimensions 51*26*22 IN / 129*67*55 CM
Net Weight 63 LB / 28.6 KG
Top Speed 28MPH
Max. Range 28-31 Miles / 45-50 KM
Hill Climbing 25% - 30% Grade
Terrain All-Terrain Wheels
Operating Temperature 14 °F - 104 °F
Storage Temperature -4 °F - 104 °F
Waterproof Rating IPX4
Charging Time 7-8 H
Rated Voltage 48V
Capacity 20 Ah
Wheel Size 10 Inches
Tire Type Off Road Solid Tire
Rated Voltage 48 V
Power 800 W x2
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Brakes Front and rear mechanical disc brake + electric brake
Input Voltage 100 V ~ 240 V
Output Voltage 54.6 V
Output Current 2 Ah
Maximum Load 440 LB / 200 KG
First ride- Does the e-scooter have to be fully charged to turn on the scooter?

Yes, we recommend that you use only it after it is fully charged. Thi will help extend the life of the battery.

Does it have a lithium battery?

Yes, it uses lithium batteries. And circooter provides a 180-day warranty on the scooter's battery.

What is the max rider weight? Does the 300 lbs include the weight of the scooter?

This scooter can withstand a maximum weight of 440 pounds, including the weight of the scooter itself. Weight over the max load may affect the speed and range.

Is there any type of headlights in the front?

Yes, this electric scooter is also equipped with a 360° lighting system that includes dual bright headlights, dual side moonlights, front and rear turn signals, and a brake light, ensuring that you can always see and be seen at night for all-around safety.

Is there a way to control the side lights?

We are implementing a single button to control all of the lights so that when you turn on the light button, the side lightswill light up at the same time.

How can I download the scooter's app?

If you are using the iPhone system, you can directly download the "Circooter" app in the iPhone App Store. If you are using Android, you can search for the Circooter app in Google Play, then download and connect it to your scooter.

Does this eletric scooter come with a charger, or does it have to be bought seprately? If so, what charger do I have to buy?

It usually takes 7-9 hours to fully charge. If you use the dual charging ports, you can save half time.

Can this be ridden in heavy rain or inch-deep water puddles?

This electric scooter has a ground clearance of 8 inches, so it can briefly and quickly pass through inch-deep water puddles. We recommend that you keep it out of heavy rain.Or This unit is rated at IPX4, which is resistant to water splashes from any direction. We recommend keeping it out of heavy rain and water puddles.

Are there more details about the modes and settings?

We are happy to answer your question. You can switch between riding modes or other settings via the quick function button on the left side of the handle. It has 3 riding modes — ECO mode, driving, sport mode — as well as switch on/off the light, press the horn, and other operations.

Outstanding Performance

CIRCOOTER ushers you into the next generation of scooting, with sporty design, and racing feel for both chilling and thrilling rides. Together, the 800W Dual motors effortlessly power you 30% Grade Hill Climbing

More Powerful More Capacity

Dual 800W motors provide excellent acceleration and fast speed, 28mph of the maximum.  Not only does it propel you fast, it lasts long.  Max. range is 28-31 miles (45-50km).

Dual Shock Absorption

The front and rear independent suspension can greatly absorb the discomfort caused by rough roads.

Connect Your CIRCOOTER To Your Phone

Sync & View Escooter Info.
Record & Track Ride

A 360-degree Lighting System

The electric scooter has dual headlights, dual side moonlights, front and rear turn signals, and a brake light. Not only does it light up your road at night for all-around safety, it also makes your ride more fun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My new Beast

This scooter is a TANK so sturdy, premium material, very good looking even better in person.
I owned in the past 2 other brands in the same big category scooter's but I can say the material of this scooter is the TOP 1.
It is super fast and I got 28mph max, in dual mode from start I got 24 mph for 3 seconds, it has a very fast start!!
I live in the Bronx, Nyc so there are a lot of uphills and this uphill which I use to commute it is like 30 climb angle and long and this scooter eats it ( 24 mph on uphill) lol love it.
Driving it feels very stable and I feel safe and also the battery holds very long.
It fits good in trains ( metro north) even that is big, and the brake's are on point.
Costumer service are very friendy and helpful.
This scooter price is a piece of cake, while I have experience with scooters it is WORTH 1.600$/1.700$
Do yourself a favor I can say,you will be happy (because I am🥳) with this scooter and save alot of money.
Also before I forget the lighting is very coolish and very strong I didnt need to buy extra lighting for night driving.

Jamone W.
Great Scooter

I love this scooter, I’m pretty heavy so it doesn’t get to 27mph but it’s a great scooter, well built.

Great scooter a must buy

Order arrived. Well packed. Easy to assemble. Charged, ready to go. Full speed in off-road conditions. Handles well.Overall very satisfied with the purchase. Great value for the money.

Range with my spouse and I

So the range with my fiancé and I (about 350lbs together) averaging about 15mph we average around 15 miles. Myself at 200lbs average around 23 miles. Very fun scooter. Good ride even with the solid tires and stiffer suspension to support the heavier weight. My main couple of Cons for it are the neck hinge lock. Has a good amount of play. Not ideal. And the trip is in kilometers even when switched to miles. And there is no neck hook for transport so I’d recommend a shoulder strap of some sort to transport. Overall I do really enjoy and recommend. There are nicer ones available for more. But very good for the price

Daniel M.
Great scooter

As an overall rider experience I like it a lot. Rides are smooth , tires are great a good chunk size. Dual disc brakes work flawless. Steering and ride handling are awesome. Few minor issues is that I wished there was a way to keep the mi counter intact after turning off and on instead of resetting. The other minor issue is the throttle is kinda finicky when pushing it sometimes the scooter would slow down brief short second than had to press the throttle. Unless there’s another throttle that I replace it with more smoother motion feel that would be compatible. Other that that - its a perfect e-scooter. All terrain usage.

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